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10 Week Absolute Beginners line Dance Class

Are you looking to meet a new challenge? Sign up for our New Absolute Beginners Line Dance Class. The class starts on July 11th from 6:30 to 8 PM. This is a 10 week class with 20 extra free classes. Plus a 100% money back guarantee. Only $50 for all 10 weeks. (or you could say $50 for 30 classes if you come to all the classes in the 10 weeks) Is this a deal or what?

This is a New Line Dance Class for anyone that wants to learn how to line dance with other beginners. Jeannie will teach the basic steps and break it down so that you will understand when you hear the word grapevine, rocking chair, pivot turn or other line dance steps. This is a great class to start a new journey in your life learning how to exercise your mind, body and soul. Jeannie guarantees that if you come to all 10 Tuesday classes and you don’t know how to line dance at least half of the dances by the last class that she will refund you your $50.

Want to just learn one or the other dance?  We do have a drop in fee for the night of $6 for the class.

2 Flights Up is where the fun never ends!

We believe:
Dancing is healthy for your mind, body and soul!
We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
George Bernard Shaw

Special Line Dance Night just for YOU!

Come dance the line dances that you have learned

in the past 10 weeks


Dancing made fun and easy come follow

Tom & Jeannie

We will do a one wall walk through

and then put on the music.

Admission $6.00 pp

Invite a friend that has not been dancing at
2 Flights Up & get a twofer.

What’s a twofer?     That is BOGO buy one get one free.
Everyone is welcome to come and have fun.

Good music, light snacks, a nice dance floor & awesome people to dance with at

2 Flights Up.