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Line Dance Night Just for YOU!

Come dance all the dances that you have

learned in the last

10 weeks at

2 Flights Up

This is for all dancers in our Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday line dance classes.

6:30 to 8:30 PM
$6 pp

Ask Jeannie for the list of dances and songs

that will be played that evening just for you.

Invite a friend that has not been dancing at
2 Flights Up
and get a twofer.
What’s a twofer? That is BOGO buy one get one free.
Everyone is welcome to come and have fun.

Intermediate Line Dance Night

What is “Intermediate Line Dance Night”?

This dance night is for line dancers that know how to line dance and just want to have a quick one wall walk through of the dance and then


Request your favorite dance and we’ll just dance and have fun together.┬á Send Jeannie@2FlightsUp.com your request and it will be on the list. She will email the list to you if you request the list on Friday morning.

We do teach one new line dance a night, if requested.

This is a no stress just have fun night and everyone is welcome to come.

Check our calendar for the next “Intermediate Line Dance Night”.

We normally meet every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of the month,

but that is not always the case.