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Couples Social Dance Class

Start 2018 with a wonderful

Waltz class

taught by Thomas & Jeannie Compter
at 2 Flights Up in Dalton, MA.

This will be a beginners class for anyone that wants to learn the art of dancing with a partner step by step.

Class starts on

January 10th  from 6:30  p.m. to 8 ish   
(Yes, it could go a little longer).

1-10-18   Basic Waltz Steps & 16 Step 

1-17-18   Basic Waltz Steps with Turns

1-24-18  more Waltz Turns

1-31-18  Review night

This is a partner dance class, so ask your best
to come dance with you.

The cost is $50 per couple for all 4 weeks.

Maximum of 6 couples per class so sign up ASAP!

Sign up and pay before January 1st and save $5.

You can email Jeannie@2FlightsUp.com
if you have any questions or if you’re ready to sign up



Couples Social Dance Class

Come join our Couples Social Dance Class. 

What is Couples Social Dance Class?
This is a class for anyone that wants to give couples dancing a try. We teach leaders to lead and followers to follow. We teach the basic step to some social dances. We get people off the sofa and on the dance floor. We just have fun and teach cool moves that can be done to almost any dance. We focus on new dancers and anyone that wants to learn how to dance.
What do you have to do?
All you have to do is come with an open mind and let us be your guide.
What kind of music do we dance to?
We have a variety of music, but if there’s a certain type that you like, let us know, and we’ll find some to your taste.

Are you ready to give dancing a try?

Come up on Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. to 8-ish
(Yes, it does go a little later if you want to practice a little longer)

Invite your favorite partner and learn how to dance.

$50 per couple or $30 pp for  4 weeks (If you miss a class, no problem. Your 4 week pass never expires until you use it up).
or $10 pp per night.
Singles are always welcome!

Our next four week schedule:

8-16-17 Disco Fox & Blue Rose
8-23-17 Cha Cha & El Paso
8-30-17 2-Step & 16 Step
9-6-17 Review Disco Fox, Blue Rose, Cha Cha, El Paso,
2-Step, and the 16-Step from the last 3 weeks.

No need to register, just come on up!

Feel free to contact Jeannie@2FlightsUp.com or Jcompter@aol.con if you have any questions.