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UnPub Mini This Month!

Hey Folks!   Our next All Day Game Day is 
Saturday, the 21st of March.

Along with all the normal fun and games, we will be hosting another

If you’re a budding game designer and have a prototype that you would like some feedback on, then bring it on up!  We’ll have some people to test your design, and give you suggestions on how to improve it. 

For Designers:  It is recommended, (but not required) that you sign up for an account on, and submit your games there. That way, people can give feedback from their digital devices.  It would also be appreciated if you would sign up on OUR site as well. 
It is essential that you notify us SOMEHOW that you will be bringing a game.

For Play(test)ers: You get a chance to try out and influence some games long before they hit store shelves.  Isn’t that cool? 

Compter Con is coming!

Compter Con 8!


Get ready for the gaming event of the year!

May 19th and 21st at 2 Flights Up!

Customer Survey is Up!

Hi, everybody, We’ve put up a customer survey on the site, because we want to find out how to make 2 Flights Up an even better place! It’s totally anonymous, and will only take a few minutes to complete. Please let us know what you think!

You can find the Survey by hovering over the Contact Us menu, and selecting the “2 Flights Up Customer Survey”, or simply click HERE.

What exactly is a GM, anyway?

GM is a GameMaster, a person who could be teaching a game to new players, or they could be refereeing the game, or both.

Recently, someone asked me what that means in the context of our All Day Game Days here at 2 Flights Up, and that certainly deserves an answer.  If you’ve looked at our event listings, you’ll know that on our All Day Game Days, you get in for free, but you may be wondering what we are expecting of our GMs for that privilege.  This post will hopefully sort that out with enough details to make you want to jump in and sign up for our next  All Day Game Day , which is scheduled for September 20, 2014.

So here’s the deal to qualify for the free entry to an All Day Game Day:

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Don’t forget Game Night this Thursday!

Hey folks, coming off a great All Day Game Day this past Saturday, I want to remind everyone that we’re still doing Game Night on Thursday.  Rather than ME picking a featured game of the night, I thought I’d open it up to all of you to pick one.  So if you have an idea for a featured game of the night, or in fact if you would like to HOST the featured game of the night, please let us know, either through email or in the comments.

Remember, Game Nights go from 6-10 PM and you are encouraged to bring along your own drinks and snacks (and games).


Play More Games!

Yessiree bob! We had a great time at our first Thursday Game Night at 2 Flights Up.   With over a dozen people enjoying games like Citadels, Forbidden Desert, Shadows over Camelot and Star Trek Catan, how could it NOT be great?

We are so looking forward to next week’s Thursday Game Night, (on the 17th) followed closely by our first full Game Day on the 19th.