Behütunsburg Print ‘n’ Play now available!

It’s been a long time coming, but we finally have a print and play version of Thomas & Jeannie’s game Behütunsburg available online.  Here’s the description:

In 13th century Bayern, family ties were strong, but for some, the lust for power was stronger.
Rivalry among and within noble families would often lead to Machiavellian politics, outright theft and sometimes kidnapping. The Behütuns family was no different, as different branches of the family squabbled over money & subjects.

Be the first in your family to assemble a retinue of Barons, Knights and their Ladies and earn the right to declare yourself King and build the mighty castle Behütunsburg.

Behütunsburg is a two-player card game. Two copies of the game can be used to play with 3-4 players.

Get the Print ‘n’ Play version.   It’s Free, fer cryin’ out loud!