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All Day Game Day

December 15, 2018 @ 12:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Have fun with Tabletop games!

This is a full day of tabletop gaming goodness! There will be several planned events (see below) and a growing game library available all day. You are also welcome to bring along any games of your own that you would like to play with new friends. Entry fee is included in monthly $5 membership.

Here are some of the games we hope to get to the table at this game day.  They might not all make it, it depends on the crowd, of course, so if you are excited about playing one of these, let us know! 

18EU (Boardgame)
Starting with minor railroad companies in the 1830s in Europe, this game follows the development of the railroad industry through the 1930s.  Players will buy stock in, and eventually take control of mighty railroad companies in order to maximize their own personal wealth.
GM: Thomas Compter;  3-6 players

Brass  (Boardgame)
Brass is an economic strategy game that tells the story of competing cotton entrepreneurs in Lancashire during the industrial revolution. You must develop, build, and establish your industries and network so that you can capitalize demand for iron, coal and cotton. The game is played over two halves: the canal phase and the rail phase. To win the game, score the most victory points (VPs), which are counted at the end of each half.
GM: Thomas Compter;  3-6 players

Merchant of Venus (Boardgame)
Players take on the roles of space traders who move their ships through interconnected systems discovering new alien worlds to trade with. As players start to make money delivering commodities in a unique supply-and-demand system, their earnings can be used to purchase upgrades for their ships and equipment (shields, lasers, engines, etc…) and construct their own spaceports (which speed up trading). 
GM: Jeannie Compter;  2-4 players

X-Wing (Miniatures)
X-Wing has become a popular game at 2 Flights Up. All Star Wars fans are welcome to come. We are happy to accommodate new players. Either bring your own fleet or just come and we’ll assemble a fleet for you with our ships. This miniatures game is great for ages 16 and up.  We’ll either be playing 1st edition, or the Triplanetary/Leviathan/X-Wing mashup that Thomas is working on. 
GM: Thomas Compter;  2-6 players



December 15, 2018
12:00 pm - 11:00 pm
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