This page is left for archival purposes only.  2 Flights Up has closed its doors permanently.

2 Flights Up is an awesome gaming space, and we’ve got plans to make the best of it!  Whether you like Euros or Amerithrash, or if you don’t even know or care what those terms mean, we’ve got lot’s of fun in store for you at 2 Flights Up.

Every Thursday Evening from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM, we host a Game Night.  We have over 250 games in our growing game library, and we typically have a “Featured Game” for the night, perhaps a medium or heavy weight game that takes some set up time. But these are free form events, where people can bring along games they want to play, or play games that others have brought along.

Once a month, on the 3rd Saturday of the month, we feature an All Day Game Day, running from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM. These days have some events scheduled in advance, so players will have an idea what games will be available to play on those days.  Of course, open/pick up gaming is still encouraged on these days, so bring along your favorite games to play.

We have a “membership” model for gaming.  We charge $5 / month for all the Thursday night Game Nights PLUS the All Day Game Days once a month.

BUT!  You can save money by buying an annual membership, which is pro-rated by month.  Here’s what you can save:

Yearly Gaming Membership Fees
Month Paid Amount Paid Savings over paying monthly Normal Payment For This point forward % Savings
January $50 $10 $60 17%
February $46 $9 $55 16%
March $42 $8 $50 16%
April $38 $7 $45 16%
May $34 $6 $40 15%
June $30 $5 $35 14%
July $26 $4 $30 13%
August $22 $3 $25 12%
September $18 $2 $20 10%
October $14 $1 $15 7%
November $10 $0 $10 0%
December $5 $0 $5 0%

Check the Calendar for more details on each individual event.