Mediterranean Vacation; Day 6


Monday, June 11: At Sea
Today was pretty laid back. We decided to have breakfast in the formal dining room rather than the cafeteria, since we had plenty of time. They asked us if we would like to share a table with someone or have our own table. We asked for our own table. They put us in a row of tables for two that were set up not more than 9 inches apart. So much for not eating with other people. It’s OK, really, because the people on both sides were very nice, but I was reminded of the scene in Animal House where all the nerds were seated together on the couch at the freshman rush party.
So today, since we were at sea the whole day, it was our chance to sample the ship’s amenities and activities. First, we figured it would be the best time to do laundry at the laundromat on our floor, but unfortunately, everyone else on the floor thought the same thing. We tried several times over the course of the day to no avail.
Jeannie and I agreed that this cruise doesn’t seem to have as many varied activities as we’ve seen on previous cruises that we’ve been on, and many of the ones that are scheduled are not hosted. Nevertheless, we had fun with some people that we introduced to the game “6 Nimmt” at the board game session. Of the 6 or so tables that were occupied, ours was the only one that wasn’t playing bridge or mah jong. When we were leaving, though, we spotted a couple playing Carcassonne, so that was encouraging.
We also hopped in the pool for a few minutes and then got ready for the formal dining night.
I’m still not sure what I think about these formal nights. While I have no objection to dressing up, it seems wasteful (of luggage space) to me to pack a dinner jacket for 1 or 2 nights on a 14 day trip. I’m pretty sure that if we were not traveling with people (that we were dining with every night) we might just skip the formal nights and go to the cafeteria for dinner.

We watched the “Dancing With the Princess Stars” show,  which was entertaining.  I thought the fix was in when a 12 year old entered, but I was wrong,  he was cut in the 3rd round.  After that,  a little bit more dancing,  and we were off to bed.