Mediterranean Vacation Day 9


Thursday, June 14: Crete, Greece

We didn’t actually dock in Crete until noon, so we had time to sleep in and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before participating in a “speed painting” event, where everyone got 2 minutes to start a water color painting, and then everyone shifted one canvas to the right and got one minute to work on another person’s painting. This continued until we got all the way around the circle of canvases. It was a great idea, I thought. I started painting the Starship Enterprise, but somewhere along the way, one of the other artists decided it looked more like a banjo. Anyway, it was great fun.
The ship landed at the far western end of Crete, in a town called Chania. The ship offered excursions to the central area of Crete, where the really interesting parts of Crete are, like the Knossos Palace of King Minos, and other artifacts of the Minoan civilization. However, they were a 2 hour bus trip away, so we opted for a little shopping in downtown Chania instead. It was great, because I got to sit in a nice al fresco restaurant and sip on some beers, while Jeannie got some shopping therapy.