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Absolute Beginner Line Dance Class

Are you looking to meet a new challenge? Have you ever been on a cruise and wish you’d joined in on the line dance classes? Are you ready for work on your  health? We believe that line dancing is healthy for your MIND, BODY, & SOUL!

Sign up for our Absolute Beginners Line Dance Class.

This new class starts June 4th and goes to August 6th 2019

The first night of the class you will learn the basic terminology of the dance steps one step at a time. At every Tuesday night class you will get a review of the basic step that the new dance has in it! Then you will learn one new line dance step by step. We will review the line dances that  you have learned in the last Tuesday class.

See all the dances for this 10 week class below:

The class is every Tuesday evening from 6:30 to 8 PM. You may come at 6 PM if you need extra help with the dances that we did last week. This is a 10 week class with 18 extra FREE classes. When you pay for the Tuesday Absolute Beginners line class you may also come to any and all Wednesday 9:30 to 11:00 AM classes and any Saturday 9:30 to 10:25 AM classes for FREE!

Only $50 for all 10 weeks. (or you could say $50 for 28 classes if you come to all the classes in the 10 weeks).  Is this a deal or what?


Want to just learn one or the other dance? We do have a drop in fee for the night of $6 for the class.


Buy a 10 day pass for $50 and just come when you want to and save each time you come to a dance class of your liking.

Our absolute beginners Line Dance Class is for anyone that wants to learn how to line dance with other beginners. Jeannie will teach the basic steps and break it down so that you will understand when you hear the word grapevine, rocking chair, pivot turn or other line dance steps. This is a great class to start a new journey in your life learning how to exercise your mind, body and soul. Jeannie guarantees that if you come to all 10 Tuesday classes and you don’t know how to line dance at least half of the dances by the last class that she will refund you your $50 or the next 10 weeks is free for you.

You can click on most of the dance names below and they will open on 2FlightsUp YouTube page where Jeannie will walk you though the dance.

Come up to 2 Flights Up and join the fun and love of Line Dancing!

Date #Walls / Count Dance Name / New Step
June 4th 1-W / 48-ct Waltz Across Texas
Basic Waltz step
June 11th 4-W / 24-ct Brand New Start
Jazz Box
June 18th 2-W / 32-ct Your Spanish Eyes
Mambo Step
Friday June 21st Fundraiser
June 25th 2-W / 36-ct Boot Scootin’ Boogie
Fan Step
July 2nd 2-W / 64-ct Red Hot Salsa
Hip Bumps
July 9th 4-W / 32-ct Most People Are Good
Weave and Rumba Step
July 16th 2-W / 28 ct Southside Shuffle
What’s a contra dance?
Friday July 19th Come dance the dances you have learned and more! Bring a snack and have fun.
July 23rd 2-W / 24 ct Achy Breaky
Toe Strut
July 30th 2-W / 32 ct LOL Love Out Loud
Tango Step
August 6th Party Night! You may bring a snack and have fun. Jeannie will teach a surprise dance!

Sorry No Line Dance Class today

Come and enjoy a free introductory line dance class on November 10th at 9:30 AM

Learn some of the most important steps that just get repeated over and over again. Have you ever been on a cruise and have you ever wanted to learn to line dance? Well this is it come do some of the line dances that Jeannie has learned on her vacation cruises. No registration needed just come and have fun!
Invite all your friends and come have fun in the morning.

We will continue our normal Back to Back line dance class next week .

Line dancing is going strong in the Berkshires. 2 Flights Up is for all levels of dancers. Saturday morning is your time to see what level you are.

Back to Back line dance class is a great place to start your morning exercise program or just start out the day with some awesome friends moving to the music.

9:30 to 10:00  ABSOLUTE BEGINNERS; This is for people that are brand new to dancing, and have never line danced before.  You will learn the basic steps and moves. Have you always wanted to try Line Dancing, but were afraid you had ‘2 left feet’?   Then this is the class for you! Our specialty is teaching new dancers the joys (and techniques) of dancing. Jeannie will lead you through each dance step by step, until you’re comfortable moving on to more advanced dances. All Levels welcome.

10:00 to 11:00 Beginner/Improver; This is for line dancers that are coming on a regular bases.  Jeannie will teach a new dance step by step, and do a step by step review of the dances from the last few weeks. We review the more challenging dances that we do  in our other line dance classes.  All Levels welcome.

Great news! You only pay $6 and you can stay as long as you like.

The only thing that really matters at 2 Flights Up is that YOU have fun.