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Game Night!

Join us for Game Night!  There will be plenty of games to choose from, and at least one featured game of the night, as well as people on hand to teach them.  You can also bring your own games to play with new friends!  

You are welcome to bring snacks and drinks for yourself or to share, but if you don’t want to bother, we do have some snacks and (soft) drinks for sale. 

 $5 / month membership fee covers all the Thursday night Game Nights PLUS the All Day Game Day once a month. 

Game Night is Online!

Hey, folks, amid all this frenzy with the Covid 19 thing, we’ve temporarily moved our Game Nights to Board Game Arena, an online gaming site with lots of cool games that you can play for free. 

If you decide to join us there, let us know ahead of time what your username is, so we can invite you to the 2 Flights Up group which makes it much easier to find each other amid the 20,000 people that they usually have online at that time. 

We’ll hopefully be back in business real soon, now. Probably when the ban on gatherings of more than 25 people is lifted.  Stay tuned to our newsletter for more details.

Bonus Game Day!

Hey!  We love gaming so much, and we love our regular gamers so much, we’re having a BONUS Game Day this month!

Nothing is scheduled, it’s going to be open gaming, but Thomas has been itching to see Federation Commander on the table again, so if you’re a STAR TREK fan, you don’t want to miss this!

There will be plenty of other games played too.  Board Games, RPGs, Card Games, Miniatures, we play ’em all at 2 Flights Up! 

And of course, this is included in your monthly $5 fee!

BONUS Game Day!

That’s right, folks!  To celebrate the new year, we’re going to have a BONUS All Day Game Day at 2 Flights Up on New Years Day from 1PM to 9PM.   Did you get a new game for Christmas? Bring it on up and let’s get it to the table!  

We don’t have anything scheduled – it’s just open gaming all day long.  Rumor has it though, that the award-winning Gloomhaven might be making an appearance.

If dungeon crawls aren’t you thing, though, we’ve got over 270 games to choose from, Euros to Amerithrash to train games to party games and traditional family games.  So come on up and see how much fun you can have at a table!