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Aerobic Line Dance Class

10:30 to 11:30 

Aerobic line dancing is a full hour of dancing! Starting at 103 BPM up to 187 BPM and back down to 105 BPM. On average we do about 14 dances starting at a lower impact workout dance to a high energy dance and then back to a lower impact dance. You can make the dance as energetic as you want. If you want to join this class, you can come to our Monday PM or Wednesday AM or Saturday beginners line dance class to learn the dances the we do at our Aerobic class. Our goal is to dance off a few unwanted pounds in a fun way.
You are always welcome to come and join the group even if you’re new to line dancing. We have a good time and we support new comers.
You can pay $6 per class or get a 10 day pass for $50.

Together we will do a one wall walk through if needed.