What is a GM, anyway?

GM is a GameMaster, a person who could be teaching a game to new players, or they could be refereeing the game, or both.

Recently, someone asked me what that means in the context of our All Day Game Days here at 2 Flights Up, and that certainly deserves an answer.   This post will hopefully sort that out with enough details to make you want to jump up and sign up for our next All Day Game Day.

So here’s what we expect of our GMs on an All Day Game Day:

First, you need to register to be a GM here on the site.  This is considered a commitment to arrive on time (or a little early) on the day of the event to set up the game.  (Normally, it would be a game you own, but if you’re familiar enough with a game from our collection, you can sign up to GM that as well.)

You should be willing to teach the game to new players, and act as the referee if the game (or common sense) requires one.

It’s also expected that if (for instance) it’s a 4 player game, and 4 people want to play it, you will step out and just teach / referee.   Otherwise, you are welcome to play in the game you brought.

Our All Day Game Days have two 5-hour “Sessions”; 11am to 4pm, and 5pm to 10pm.  It is NOT required that you fill all 5 hours, but we are looking for substantial games, here.  Ones that typically take at least an hour to play.   Teaching Zombie Dice wouldn’t count.  OTOH, stringing several short ones together would be fine.  As an example, Jeannie will sometimes teach 7 Wonders PLUS Guillotine PLUS Behütunsburg in one session.  As long as you keep people entertained for at least 2 hours, you qualify.

And that’s it!  It’s really not that hard, so why don’t you jump right over here and sign up!