Mediterranean Vacation Day 13

Monday, June 18: Athens
Today, Jeannie and I started out together, just taking a leisurely stroll around the base of the Acropolis, comparing notes about the tours we had taken the day before. Not surprisingly, there was a lot of overlap.
Once we were done there, I wanted to visit one more Archaeological site, so we agreed to meet for lunch.
I visited the Ancient Agora, which was the city’s main marketplace in ancient times.
After lunch, we were strolling around the touristy district when it began to rain. Downpour, really. Cats and dogs. That lasted about 2 hours, and after a bit more wandering, we ended up in the square where we were to meet our guide for the evening.
This last excursion of the vacation was one that Jeannie planned for me: a Greek cooking class where we would prepare, under the tutaledge of a professional chef, an authentic 5 course Greek meal, and then enjoy the meal we had prepared with chef on the rooftop dining room.
We really lucked out, because there was only one other couple in the class, so it was like getting a private lesson. The class itself was great fun and informative, we learned quite a bit. Then, we enjoyed the meal on the roof with a great view of the Acropolis, and great conversation with our chef and the other couple. What a great last adventure for our vacation!