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UnPub Mini This Month!

Hey Folks!   Our next All Day Game Day is 
Saturday, the 21st of March.

Along with all the normal fun and games, we will be hosting another

If you’re a budding game designer and have a prototype that you would like some feedback on, then bring it on up!  We’ll have some people to test your design, and give you suggestions on how to improve it. 

For Designers:  It is recommended, (but not required) that you sign up for an account on, and submit your games there. That way, people can give feedback from their digital devices.  It would also be appreciated if you would sign up on OUR site as well. 
It is essential that you notify us SOMEHOW that you will be bringing a game.

For Play(test)ers: You get a chance to try out and influence some games long before they hit store shelves.  Isn’t that cool? 

It’s a Big week this week!

We’ve got a big All Day Game Day planned for this weekend, with lots of games, big and small.   We’re featuring the newly pimped out Print ‘n’ Play version of 18EU, a train game in the 18XX series of train games.   

We’re also going to be Playing Merchant of Venus, a Pickup and Deliver game of galactic proportions!

We’re having another go at Thomas’ X-Wing-Variant-space-combat-game-without-a-cool-name-yet. 

If there’s still time after that, we’ll try Brass, which puts players in the shoes of entrepreneurs in England during the industrial revolution.

Check out the page for the event for more info!  

🚙 Rev Those Engines!     🚗Gamers!

Gaming subscribers got a letter today: Check it out.

Star Wars Fan?     ✨💥💫Gamers!

Gaming subscribers got a letter today: Check it out.

Chili Cookoff!

Have you got a righteous chili recipe that deserves some wide-spread acclaim?  Your chance for fame and fortune fun is at 2 Flights Up this Saturday the 21st of January!  Bring your chili up, and play a game or three while people sample all the varieties. 

Everyone that enters a chili in the contest will get an extra entry in the $100 sweepstakes.  And we’re giving away that $100 on that same day!

The winner of the cook off will get a free gaming pass for the month of February!

It would be great, though not required, if you would let us know that you’re bringing an entry.


All Day New Year’s Game Day

Download PDF: All Day New Year’s Day Game Day

Sweepstakes rules are up!

Hi Folks, if you’re looking for our 2016 Sweepstakes rules, you can find them right here.

UnPub Mini July 16th mark your calendar!

What is UnPub?

Info for the designer: This is where you get to bring your game and have it tested by game players other than your friends. Click the link to our submission page to sign up your game.

This is where you can play test games that are still in the design phase. You can give your feedback to the designer and maybe make a huge impact on the design of the game.

There will be prizes throughout the day for play testers that test the UnPub games.

This is a full day of tabletop gaming fun! In addition to the UnPub games, there will be open gaming all day.   There will be friendly and experienced GMs available to teach a variety of tabletop games.

The cost is $5.00 pp to enter.  People that play test the games have a chance to win prizes.

Compter Con is coming!

Compter Con 8!


Get ready for the gaming event of the year!

May 19th and 21st at 2 Flights Up!

Customer Survey is Up!

Hi, everybody, We’ve put up a customer survey on the site, because we want to find out how to make 2 Flights Up an even better place! It’s totally anonymous, and will only take a few minutes to complete. Please let us know what you think!

You can find the Survey by hovering over the Contact Us menu, and selecting the “2 Flights Up Customer Survey”, or simply click HERE.