Mediterranean Vacation Day 11






Saturday, 16 June;  Athens. 

We were kicked off the ship at 9AM this morning.   Since we didn’t have any arranged transport to the hotel, we got into a taxi,  which we were told would cost about 23 Euro.  We made the mistake of not confirming that before getting into the cab.  Sure enough, the cabbie started chatting us up about him taking us on a private tour of the city for “only” an extra 120 euro. Once we had firmly declined, he went suddenly quiet.  He ended up charging us 40 Euro for the trip, while our friends  in the cab ahead of us paid only 27.

After getting to the hotel, and showing our luggage, Jeannie and I bought our 2-day Hop On Hop Off tickets for 30 Euro total.  Having nothing better to do for a few hours,  we just “rode the rails” so to speak, taking the farthest bus route.  That happened to be right back at the cruise port. We were much chagrined to realize that we could have just hopped on the bus right there and saved ourselves 40 Euro! 

Our hotel has a rooftop restaurant with spectacular views of the city (see above).

And here we are, beginning the last leg of our trip.  Tomorrow, the Acropolis!