Mediterranean Vacation Day 10

Friday, June 15: Mykonos, Greece

Today was the tour of Delos, an island which is, in its entirety, one big archaeological site.  It was originally inhabited by the ancient Greeks, and like Pompeii, you can meander through the streets and imagine what it was like to live there 3000 years ago.  Our tour guide ‘Iffy’ was very good, if a bit long winded.  

Then we took the ferry back to Mykonos town for a whirlwind tour of the tourist district.  I felt bad for all the shop owners, because we had no time at all to browse,  shop or stop for refreshment. 

Then we were back on the bus to visit another monestary.  We’ve seen several of these along the way, and while I was looking forward to roaming around the grounds, seeing how the monks/nuns lived and worked, in every case, we were shown into the Orthodox church,  and that was it.  Still, it was interesting to compare the decorations here vs. The Roman Catholic and Protestant churches that we’ve seen so many of elsewhere in Europe. 

Following the monastery, the group was directed to a tavern for lunch, which may or may not have been included in the price of the tour,  we’re still not sure. Ever the non-conformist, Jeannie decided that we would have lunch in a different tavern in the same plaza. We ate at “the Fisherman”, which was excellent. And not crowded. 

Our next stop was an exclusive beach, where we were given 20 minutes to…  I’m really not sure WHAT we were expected to do at a beach for 20 minutes.  There wasn’t even enough time to get a beer.   Anyway, that was it for the tour.  We got back on board and took a quick nap in our stateroom before going to our last onboard dinner. 

After dinner we went to a show from a guy that was trying hard to be a one-man Il Divo. I won’t say whether he succeeded, but I will say that Jeannie bailed after 2 songs to watch the ship’s version of “What’s My Line”. 

After that we watched another improv comedy show by Doug Funk.  He was pretty hilarious.